Treatments & Cancellation Policy

What you can expect to happen during your treatment....

A variety of treatments are offered (see below) that can be tailored to suit your individual needs and all in the comfort of your own home.  I will bring all the necessary equipment with me, including a reclining therapy chair and towels.


An intitial consultation will be required to determine the best treatment plan for you.  Treatments will be focused around the areas that you feel you need help with and also taking into account your case history.  All information will be treated confidentially.


During a treatment you will remain fully clothed except for shoes and socks if receiving foot reflexology, jewellery to be removed for facial and hand reflexology.


Please allow for up to 75 minutes for a classic reflexology treatment (including an initial consultation), subsequent treatments would be based on treatment timings below.


Please note Reflexology does not cure and it is not used to diagnose an illness, or an alternative to seeking medical advice.  Always refer to your GP in the first instance for any medical condition or health concern.

Treatments at a glance....

  • Classic reflexology relaxation treatment £50 for 60 mins
    • Completely unwind in the comfort of your own home with the wonderful relaxing effects of reflexology on either the feet or the hands and let the stresses of the day just fade away.
  • Soothing and smoothing facial reflexology treatment £60 for 60 mins
    • Experience the truly wonderful benefits of facial reflexology which, over time can help smooth and tone the skin, reduce wrinkles and release muscle tension revealing a younger looking version of yourself.
  • Complete de-stress treatment £70 for 75 mins
    • If you want something a bit extra special then why not treat yourself to this combination treatment of feet or hand with facial reflexology. This complete de-stress treatment helps relieve tension in the body, calm the mind and help smooth facial muscles.
  • Ultimate relaxation treatment £80 for 90 mins
    • If you are looking for the ultimate relaxation then this top to toe treatment is for you, it combines the soothing and smoothing effects of facial reflexology with the calming and relaxing effects of hand and feet reflexology. 

Cancellation Policy

It's understandable that appointments have to be cancelled and sometimes at the last minute, however please be aware that Bridget reserves the right to charge the full cost of the treatment if less than 24 hours notice is given, or request for payment in advance for any future treatments which will be non refundable.  Thank you for your understanding. Bridget Bedi

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